Digital Marketing Definition Defined as Marketing Across Digital Technologies Icons

Digital marketing impacts everyone one of us on a daily basis. And the digital marketing definition can vary across different web sources.

The more we use digital devices, the more digital platforms and services will grow.

As consumers, it can be technical to understand how we are heavily targeted and influenced by digital marketing. As business owners, digital marketing can be used to help your business sell products or services.

Here are easy to understand definitions, explanations and examples for digital marketing.


Digital Marketing Definition

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services across digital technologies such as the Internet and mobile devices.

Marketing is the act of buying or selling in a market to reach consumers for the product or service.

Market is a group of people who is interested in buying or selling a product or service. A market is also referred to as an audience. 


Digital Marketing Types

Across the Internet and digital devices, there are different types of digital marketing. Each digital marketing type is simply a particular way of marketing or particular place for marketing.

Digital Marketing Types and Definitions Icons

Example types of digital marketing and their definitions are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is optimizing a website to get free traffic by ranking high for specific search engine terms.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is promoting a website to get traffic by paid methods such as text ads. SEM can also include SEO to rank a website for search terms.

Pay per click (PPC) is advertising using internet keyword text ads to drive traffic to a website and paying for each ad click.

Display Advertising is paying for ads to display websites or mobile apps as banner ads or other ad formats. 

eCommerce is the act of buying or selling products or services online from a website.

Content Marketing is generating valuable content for specific target markets as a way to build brand awareness, trust and authority for the consideration of future purchases.

Influencer Marketing is leveraging influential people in a market to help influence the sales of a company’s products or services.

Email Marketing using email as a form of communication and promotion to a group of people within a particular market.

Social Media Marketing is using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest as a form of communication and promotion to a group of people within a particular market.

Mobile Marketing is using smart phone, tablet, text messaging or Short Message Service (SMS), or mobile applications as form of communication and promotion to a group of people within a particular market.


Digital Marketing Examples

According to Forbes, digital marketing experts estimate that people in the US are exposed to thousands of ads a day. That’s pretty hard for me to fathom however, this is probably a reality if we think about it.

Ads and promotions are constantly coming at us through these various types of digital marketing (e.g. search results, websites, email, social media, mobile SMS text messages, etc.)

Here are three digital marketing examples that can be seen in our every day lives.

1. SEO & Display Ads

Digital Marketing Examples on

Forbes is an online media company that publishes content on a variety of topics including business, finance, industry, investing, marketing and entrepreneurship.

This particular article: Finding Brand Success in the Digital World was displayed as a search result option when I searched for: how many digital ads are we exposed to daily.

Within the article, Forbes mentions the statistic I used above (we are exposed to thousands of ads a day). They even link to another online source where they got this statistic.

This article came up in the search results for my search term because it had content that helped answered the question I asked Google.

The example uses SEO targeting content to rank high in search engine results for specific keywords. also leverages digital marketing to make money online by allowing display ads on their website.

When readers click on those ads, Forbes gets a little commission. Those commissions can really ad up as more people click on those ads.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

Pay Per Click ad examples for 'digital marketing' search

When you search for something in Google or any other search engine such as Bing or Yahoo, the search engine’s main goal is to show you relevant results pertaining to what you are looking for.

As you know by now, optimizing a website page or article is a free way to get high ranks or placement for that search term. The goal is to show up on the first page of the results.

Another way to get high placement for search results is to pay for it. Pay Per Click ads, also referred to as PPC, are a way to show up at the top of the page for particular search terms.

Companies pay to have their websites and content show up for those keywords.

The digital marketing search result example uses PPC ads to display top results for the search term. The top four pay per click ad results are paid ads as noted with the AD symbol. Each result is marketing some sort of service or product for digital marketing.

3. Email Marketing

Email Marketing Example by Think with Google

Email is something we use every day. And brands know this. Not only do they know this, they capitalize on communicating with you by email by sending more information and promotions of products or services.

Email marketing allows people to opt in to receive more communication from a company about a particular topic or products or services.

The advantage of email is that the communication comes directly to your inbox. There is no need to go online to a search engine and search for the content.

I have signed up to receive updates from Think With Google which provides insights on digital marketing and how people use Google search. Updates like these are ways I stay informed on digital marketing trends, techniques and strategies to keep you informed.

The Think with Google example uses email marketing as a way to communicate with me, build trust with me and supply me with information, services and products that I may be interested in the future.

Because I opted in to receive these emails, I am more likely to open these emails, read these emails and potentially even purchase products or services in the future.


Digital Marketing Strategies

When it comes to digital marketing, there are usually certain goals businesses and companies are trying to accomplish for their brands. Because marketing costs money, the goal is to achieve some result from the efforts.
Brand a personalized signature and offering for a product or service including name and design to distinguish from other similar and competing products

Here are three common digital marketing strategies that companies want to achieve:

Sales is getting the actual purchase of a product or service.

Lead Generation is capturing qualified leads who can potentially become buyers in the future.

Brand Awareness is creating awareness of a particular product or service from a specific company.


Digital Marketing Tools

As you can see, the world of digital marketing can be quite complex. As with anything digital these days, we rely on digital marketing tools to help us efficiently manage our marketing efforts and achieve the results we want.

Realistically, each digital marketing type requires its own set of tools.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing tools that help create content for your website and research what people are searching for within search engines.

Email Marketing tools that help create email sign up forms, manage everyone’s email address you capture and allow you to send emails to your captured audience.

Social Media Marketing tools that help create and publish free content, create paid ads and manage the social communities you build within each social network (e.g. fans, followers, likes, comments).

Mobile Marketing tools that help you capture phone numbers to send text or multi-media messages (e.g. SMS or MMS) to people’s smart phones and mobile devices.


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