At the time of this post, there are currently about 3,750,000 Google search results for Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018.

Some reviews say Wealthy Affiliate rocks. Some question if it is a scam.

All reviews promise to tell you the truth.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 strives to provide the facts and my opinions separately. Then you can decide your opinions for yourself.

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From a Digital Marketer Point of View

product design value wealthy affiliate review 2018If you do not already know, I work in the digital marketing industry. I work with digital products every day.

As a product manager, I have helped development teams build products to meet specific customers’ needs.

As an internet marketing specialist, I have helped small businesses save money by bringing digital marketing services in house.

Today as a digital marketer, I help large companies understand the value of the digital marketing products they have access to. This includes training, data analysis, understanding their use cases and mapping the software feature functionality to their desired business results.

I have a knack for learning software and recognizing the software’s strengths and weaknesses.

You can read more about my background on my about Kim Wolfe page.


So is this just another Wealthy Affiliate Review?

Keep reading and I will let you be the judge of that answer 🙂

This product review contains two sections

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2018 Review of Wealthy Affiliate
What Wealthy Affiliate is and why should you care?

10 Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Rocks
Why Wealthy Affiliate is a product worth buying?

Now, onto the first section…

My Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

Usability 4 Stars

Reliability 4 Stars

Training 5 Stars

Support 5 Stars

Price 5 Stars

Product Name Wealthy Affiliate
Target Audiences All Experience Levels
Industries Affiliate Marketing, Online Business
Categories Training, Development Tools, Community Forum
Business Owners Kyle and Carson


About Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

WA is an acronym is commonly used by members as a quick way to reference Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

wealthy affiliate activity homepage viewProduct Description

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a platform for creating online businesses using affiliate and online marketing strategies. The platform provides training, products and support.

The training library includes 2 certification courses, weekly live training sessions and member created training.

The products include website hosting, website domain name purchases and management, WordPress website builder, writing content manager, comments and feedback options.

The support features include a dedicated support team and live chat for community support.

Product Features

In Depth Online Marketing Certification Training Course

Step by Step Task Based Lessons

WA Affiliate Program

WA Affiliate Bootcamp Training Course

Live Weekly Training

Recorded Weekly Trainings

Additional Member Created Training

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

WordPress Websites Builder

Website Health and Security Tools

Domain Name Purchase and Management Tool

Content Writer Management Tool

Private Members’ Forum

Member Trainings

Live Chat

Site Support

Product Benefits

You do not need to already know how to be an affiliate marketer or an online marketer.

wealthy affiliate online entrepreneur certification training course

Wealthy Affiliate and the membership community will teach you everything you need to know how to be successful.

You will have access to step by step training and most of the products you need to launch and manage multiple businesses. You will also have various support options to get help when you need it most.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate is different from many other offerings. You are guided, supported and provided with most of the product tools you need all in the same platform.

Product Price

3 packages to choose from:

Free 20 Training Lessons, member created training, 2 starter websites with website hosting, Limited Tools, Limited support, basic WA affiliate commissions, Forever Free. Not a trial. No credit card required. Free never expires.
Monthly Premium 120 Training Lessons, Weekly Live Training covering current topics, 25 websites, branded domain names, Site Rubix web tools, Jaaxy Keyword research tool, live chat, higher WA affiliate commissions, more support. $49 per month
Yearly Premium Everything Included in Monthly but paid on a yearly basis. Works out to $29 per month. Best Value. $359 per year

Domains are additional cost. Costs per year $13.99 for .com domain names and $15.99 for .net domain names or other extensions.

Product Websites

  • External Website –
  • Internal Website –

Industry Information
Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are booming industries. research some facts here.

Product Comparison

Affilorama vs. Wealthy Affiliate


A comparable platform to Wealthy Affiliate is Affilorama. Affilorama was created by Mark Ling who has been making money online for 14 years. Affilorama offers several packages to choose from, just like Wealthy Afffiliate.

For under $200, you can purchase the AffiloBlueprint system for training and website hosting for one website, for one year.

The blueprint package includes 90 step by step video lessons, downloadable lessons and course notes, a private members’ forum, lifetime access to the training and additional bonuses. It also comes with a one-month free trial for Affilorama Premium.

Affilorama BluePrint and premium comparison


Affilorama Premium is an additional $67 per month service add on that provides access to more training videos, lessons, affiliate bootcamp training and hosting for up to 15 websites with branded domains. That’s $804 per year.

The $67 per month cost for Affilorama Premium is more expensive than the cost of Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership plan.

The one time cost of $197 cost for the AffiloBlueprint course is comparable to 4 months of Wealthy Affiliate premium membership access. Wealthy Affiliate does not really offer a one time paid introduction package like the AffiloBlueprint bundle.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate offers two membership plans: free starter and premium.

The free starter plan is a free membership that does not require a credit card and never expires. The starter membership plan always remains free with lifetime access. That’s $0 for life.

The free starter plan comes with 20 training videos and lessons, two starter websites hosted on a siterubix sub domain and access to some of the WA tools needed. Because it is free, free does not offer access to every feature under Wealthy Affiliate’s hood.

A disadvantage with free is that you lose some branding control of your website names. You have to share your website name with (ie. vs.

The premium membership plan allows you to brand your domains without the Premium access can be purchased monthly or yearly for a savings. The monthly premium membership plan costs $49 per month. That’s $588 per year. The yearly premium membership costs $359 per year. That’s a $229 savings per year.

Wealthy Affiliate premium comes with 120 training videos and lessons, weekly live training sessions on latest industry topics, access to all tools including website manager, hosting for up to 25 branded websites (ie. no, website builder, domain name manager, website feedback, website comments generator, member community support, live chat, higher commissions for Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Marketing program.

It is recommended to try the Wealthy Affiliate free starter plan before you buy. The free plan is a good way to get your feet wet with Wealthy Affiliate really is and what it can do for you.

When ready, the yearly premium membership is the best value because it realistically takes 6 – 12 months before a beginner website starts making money.

1,331,643,382 websites online right now internet live statsSource:

There are over 1 BILLION websites on the internet, so it is competitive. There are certainly examples of people making money faster, but it really depends on how fast you learn and execute along with competing websites. As with any business, online or not, businesses take work, focus and patience.

A good Samaritan disclaimer:
To be totally transparent, I have not used Affilorama. There are good reviews and there are people who seem to like it. So I am not giving it a bad review.

I am very satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate at this time and have no reason to pay more money at this time.

If you are interested in Affilorama, you can try premium out free for 30 days. The free offer does expire and you would be charged $67 per month if you do not cancel before the trial ends.

Wealthy Affiliate Founders
Wealthy Affiliate was created in 2005 by co-founders, Kyle and Carson. Both Kyle and Carson have been affiliate marketers for 18 years and have made money on small niche websites usually created for or shown in the WA training.

It is evident that they know affiliate marketing and how to use online digital marketing techniques to create success.

Kyle and Carson are active within Wealthy Affiliate and building new features. The Wealthy Affiliate team is always improving the platform to be better than it was before.

10 Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Rocks

1: 1400+ Training Lessons and Counting
The amount of training for Wealthy Affiliate premium membership is massive.

From beginner to intermediate to expert levels, Wealthy Affiliate premium members can find information and resources on just about any affiliate marketing or online marketing topic thinkable.

Ways to learn new tricks:

  • Live Weekly Training Webinars
  • 300+ Hours Recorded Live Webinar Training
  • 50 Task Based Online Entrepreneur Certification Lessons
  • 70 Task Based Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • 1,000+ Member Created Training Topics

The two certification training programs (120 lessons total) are recommended for getting started. You just pick one course, Online Entrepreneur Certification or the Affiliate Bootcamp Training, and complete the course.

Each lesson has step by step tasks to complete before moving on to the next lesson. You learn, act and build. This provides a tried and true way of learning by doing example. By the time you complete a course, you will have learned and executed many online marketing techniques to drive traffic and revenue to your online business.

2: 800,000+ Members and Growing

There are 800,000+ members of Wealthy Affiliate.

Members are encouraged to be active and supportive of one other. All members can share content by creating blog posts, liking and commenting on other members’ blog posts.

You can can also connect with members one on one via live chat. If you need help, just ask. Multiple members will chime in with tips and tricks that they know.

Ways to connect with Wealthy Affiliate Members:

  • Live Chat
  • Direct Messages
  • Member Follow
  • Profile Page Comments
  • Blog Posts Comments
  • Blog Post Likes
  • Training Comments
  • Post Questions

Note: Live Chat and Private Message Features are premium features only. You can still comment and ask questions as a free member.

3: Money Making Incentives

There are multiple ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. The most common way is through the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate marketing program which pays commissions for new member referrals.

Another way is to leverage other affiliate programs such as promoting products on Amazon. Premium members can also make money or WA credits for creating member training. Once a training is created, credits are awarded for viewership, likes and comments.

Ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Refer new members to WA
  • Monetize website with other affiliate programs
  • Monetize website with ads
  • Create training for members

4: WordPress Websites

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build websites on WordPress websites. WordPress is a popular website platform because these sites are easy to build, maintain and update on a regular basis.

You don’t need coding skills and there are over 3000 template designs to choose from. WordPress also offers many types of plugins which allow you to embed specific capabilities into your website such as a contact form, a slideshow or a link shortner.

Ways to build websites:

  • Easily with WordPress
  • Host up to 25 branded websites
  • Choose from 3000 free themes
  • Incorporate mini apps with free plugins

5: Website Speed, Security, and Health Monitoring

With any websites, it is important to have security protection and health monitoring. Many of these factors can help or harm website rankings with search engines and event expose sensitive information.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a collection of website management tools under the product name SiteRubix. The tools monitor overall website speed and site health which can improve search rankings and protect from site hacks which can expose sensitive information.

Ways to help and protect websites:

  • SiteSpeed
  • SiteProtect
  • SiteHealth

6: Free SSL, Domain Privacy and Unlimited Emails

Most website hosting providers include basic website hosting features for a cost and then charge extra for additional items. These extra cost items include web encryption (SSL certificates), domain privacy protection and email accounts of purchased domains. Wealthy Affiliate does not charge extra.

Features included within the premium membership plan price are:

  • SSL Certificates
  • Domain Name Privacy Protection
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

SSL certificates help websites safely accept credit cards and can improve rankings with search engines as well. These certificates are must haves for ecommerce websites where transactions are made and personal information such as names, postal addresses and credit card numbers provided.

They protect this information from ended up in the wrong hands. GoDaddy charges $50+ a year for one website. Once again, these certificates are no additional cost with Wealthy Affiliate. You can have up to 25 branded websites, each with its own SSL certificate. That’s 25 SSL certificates for $0 extra dollars.

When purchasing a domain name to be used for a website, it usually costs extra for domain registration privacy protection.

Domain name privacy protection keeps your domain registration information private. Without privacy, your basic contact information is made public. This allows telemarketers to contact you with unwanted emails and calls.

GoDaddy charges $7.99 per domain per year to keep the domain information private.

Although you do have to pay extra for domain names at Wealthy Affiliate, you do not have to pay extra for privacy protection.

Domain names can purchased at Wealthy Affiliate for $13.99 – $15.99 per domain per year depending on the extension (e.g. .com vs. .net).

Also, when you buy a branded domain name (e.g., you usually want to have an email address tied to that domain name (e.g.

Once again, email accounts are usually an extra cost, in addition to the domain name purchase and privacy protection.

Once again, Wealthy Affiliate includes unlimited email accounts for every domain name purchased at WA. So you can have info@, help@, support@, yourname@, etc. No limit.

7: Ultimate Writing Platform

Since content is KING for the online world, a content writing process and efficient management tool is a must have for any online business.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a content management system called SiteContent, the ultimate writing platform. This tool is used creating content, publishing the content to your websites and tracking writing goals to see how often you are posting.

Features included in SiteContent:

  • Free images
  • Word Counter
  • Writing Goals Checker
  • Grammar and Spell Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Templates

8: Supports Beginners to Successful Online Entrepreneurs

Wealthy Affiliate offers training and support for all levels of learning. The two certification/bootcamp training courses start with beginning basics and gradually teach more advanced techniques towards the end of the course.

After completing the courses, there is additional training and classrooms offered to learn more advanced techniques and strategies. There are also over 800,000 members who range in expertise from beginner to advanced.

This provides a large community to tap into for help and guidance along with way. Not to mention the owners who are experienced online marketers are also active and do help answer people’s questions.

Acceptable skill levels at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

9: Learn White Hat Strategies and Tactics

In the online marketing and affiliate marketing world, there is such as a thing as the right way and the wrong way. This is referred to as white hat (i.e. good strategies) and black hat (i.e. trying to game the system bad strategies).

What is interesting about Wealthy Affiliate training is it is clear about not teaching you bad techniques. If you want to be successful long term with any online business and website, you must follow the rules like everyone else. And you must know the rules to follow them.

Skills taught at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • White Hat SEO Strategies
  • How to Help People
  • How to Build Successful Businesses
  • How to Do Good, Rinse and Repeat

10: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Research is vital to any business, whether it is online or it is a brick and mortar physical location.

You want to know areas you can help people or provide services where there is a need, an audience that needs help and possibly little competition.

As you build a business online, it is important to execute this research about what people are looking for and how your website content is ranking for those searches.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a keyword research tool called Jaaxy. This tool provides keyword research and many other features to help with research part.

Jaaxy offers various membership plans with Jaaxy Lite being included within Wealthy Affiliate premium membership plan.

Jaaxy Keyword features offered with Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Keyword Research
  • Search Analysis
  • SiteRank
  • Saved Lists
Ready to try Wealthy Affiliate?

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