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I have personally purchased The Imperfect Website course from On The Grid.

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In this review, I will cover what skills you can expect to learn before you buy the course

The BIG QUESTION IS, can these skills really make your website perfect…or not?

I’ll answer this question in the review below.


The Imperfect Website by On The Grid

“Turn Your Website Into a Growth Machine” – is the quote used to promote The Imperfect Website.

On the Grid Imperfect Website Review

The Imperfect Website is a video training course offered by On The Grid.

The course provides training on how to make your website or your client’s website work. How to get traffic to a website and how to convert that traffic into leads and customers.

Why is this important?

You can no longer just have a website. You need to have a website that converts people into customers.

Traffic of people is what brings the leads and sales.

If you have a website with no traffic, then have no sales or leads. If you have no leads or sales, then you have a website that does not work.

Today, a website is just one key component to making a website really work.

The strategy to make it work includes an overall digital marketing strategy. A marketing strategy that leverages different types of marketing techniques to drive traffic (i.e. people) to your website.

There are so many different ways to drive traffic to a website. It can be completely overwhelming and exhausting to learn and do all of these. Even, if you are not a new digital marketer.

So if you are interested in learning digital marketing skills that can help make your website work, then this course may be for you.



The Imperfect Website Review

On the Grid Logo

Product Name: The Imperfect Website

Product Type: Online Training Course

Product Benefit: Learn How to Create Websites Using Data Driven Website Design

Company Name: On The Grid

Founder: Founded by Jessica Jobes, in 2016 – Goes by “Jess”

Price: $237 $1,197 – $4,797

Target Audience: Web Designers, Web Developers, Entrepreneurs and Marketers

Skill Levels: Intermediate to Advance. Beginners should try this training first.

Recommended: Yes.

Course Summary: The Imperfect Website is a digital marketing training course. Through short videos, you will learn the types of digital marketing that Jess uses to generate more leads to her website and the products she sells. She shows you how she setups a digital marketing campaign and which tools she uses. You will learn how to strategically connect the dots of digital marketing with website landing pages, A/B testing, Facebook ads and performance data analysis.

This review covers:
  • What is The Imperfect Website?
  • What is included?
  • What will you learn?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Who is it for?
  • Is it worth the buy?
  • How do you sign up?
  • Alternative Trainings?


What is On The Grid Imperfect Website?

The concept behind The Imperfect Website is that the website does not need to be perfect before you launch it live on the web.

On the Grid Imperfect Website Growth Engine

Image credit: onthegridnow.com

That an imperfect website is actually ok and expected in the beginning. That releasing an imperfect website is better than releasing no website at all. That releasing a website with no leads is better to do sooner rather later.

The old web design model is to complete all of your website requirements in one large time frame bucket, then release it live on the World Wide Web (www) and then test it to see if it works.

In the old model, you do not test the website until after you release the entire “perfect” website. Considering that it can take months to build a perfect website, this is considered lost time in today’s fast paced world.

The idea is to launch a website faster and then refine it to perfect with real usage data.

This imperfect website method is super beneficial if you design websites for businesses. You are far more likely to secure a first time website design if you can build a website that works.

You are far more likely to secure a monthly website maintenance service if you can continuously drive leads and sales to the business you designed the website for.

The On The Grid Imperfect Website course is an online video training that teaches you data driven website design and development techniques.

The course focuses on how to:

  • Launch websites quickly
  • Test different versions of web pages
  • Drive targeted traffic to the web page versions
  • Test the results, repeatedly
  • Publish the web pages that convert

Jess’ shows her exact techniques on how she designs a website for leads, sales and growth.

Some accomplishments Jess has achieved herself with these skills are:

  • Increased the conversion of one website landing page by 220%
  • Generated 10,000 new email sign ups in 3 months
  • Sold 700 purchases of The Imperfect Website course in 12 months


What is Included?

The Imperfect Website Course Review

The Imperfect Website academy training course comes with:

  1. 8 Video Training Sections
  2. Bonus PDF downloads inside the course
  3. Access to the Private Facebook Community Group
  4. Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  5. Recordings of the previous weekly group coaching calls
  6. A/B Testing Database examples

The training topics of the 8 sections are:

  1. Let’s Get Started
  2. Imperfect Website Concepts
  3. The Growth Engine
  4. Flexible Website
  5. Smart Marketing
  6. Building Your Team
  7. Accelerators
  8. Extras

The four main sections that will help you design websites that work are:

  • Growth Engine
    • How to create a test environment with ads & landing pages to generate predictable and scalable growth
  • Flexible Website
    • How to build a website that is easy to update, to accelerate growth
  • Smart Marketing
    • How to get data flowing on your website to improve marketing efficiency
  • The Team
    • How to assemble and manage a team that can get your website working

There are total of 61 short videos that can be watched in about 5 hours.

Because the total video view time is mimimal, there are two ways you can complete this course:

  1. Watch in one day, then do the work
    1. You can easily watch all the videos of the entire course in one day.
    2. This strategy will allow you to learn everything all at once and then go back and apply these within your strategies.
  2. Watch and do the work, one section at a time
    1. Or you can take it slower.
    2. You can watch one section at at time and then do what you learned, as you go thrugh the course.

I personally chose to watch all of the videos at once. 

Then I took the skills I learned from Jess to build out a complete digital marketing strategy for my own websites.

The reason I did this way is because I wanted to make sure I completed the course. Afterall, I did pay for it.

I knew that if I didn’t complete the course sooner rather than later, I had greater chances of not completing it at all.

Either way, you have options to make this course work for you.

The course is accessible on Teachable.com, which a popular service used to host online training courses.

To see the full list of the entire course, click here. You can even preview two videos out the course right now.

Check out The Imperfect Website:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Bing Way


What will you learn?

This course is designed to teach you how to connect digital marketing skills together to get results.

The Imperfect Website Course Curriculum

The reality of the training is that you learn about WordPress websites, developing different variations of landing pages, Facebook ad creation, ad target audiences and analyzing your page traffic and conversions.

You will learn how to execute these specfiic strategies of a digital marketing campaign. But you will not learn everything you need to know about digital marketing.

Keep in mind, you are expected to have some basic understanding of marketing already. You should already have defined service product or service, content created on your website and a well defined target audience.

Although Jess mentions email marketing, this training does not specifically cover how to setup email marketing campaigns or what email marketing tools to use.

Ultimate Goal is To Build Content That Converts

The Imperfect Website Conversion Results

The way you learn to make content convert is to:

  • Drive targeted traffic to your website
  • Convert traffic into leads and sales
  • Setup website landing pages
  • Setup different variations of those landing pages
  • Setup Facebook Ads
  • Analyze performances
  • Test, refine and improve to find highest conversions
  • Use the tools the Jess uses


How Much Does It Cost?

There was day when The Imperfect Website video course was sold for $237. The course is no longer sold for this price. The cost of the course has increased.

Today’s cost of the The Imperfect Website course varies depending on where you buy it.

The Imperfect Website Price Increase Note

Almost $2K inConversion Experts Bundle

If you buy it from the onthegridnow.com website, you will pay $1,797 for the Conversion Experts Bundle.

The Imperfect Website training course is bundled with 8 weeks of coaching by Jess. So you get the video training plus, step by step training from Jess.

BUNDLE: Conversion Experts & The Imperfect Website Step-By-Step Training = $1,797. According to her website, price will increase $4,797 soon.

DYI and Save $600

If you buy it from the onthegridnow.teachable.com website, you will pay $1,197. You can save $600 through teachable.com, without the inclusion of the coaching time.

This is the Do It Yourself way. As mentioned earlier, you should have some basic understanding of marketing if you decide to buy the course without the additional help from Jess.

The Imperfect Website training course from Teachable.com = $1,197.

According to Jess, the Imperfect Website training course alone is valued at $5,127. Check out the list below.


What is Best for Beginners?

If you are just starting out in your web design or developer career, I do not recommend buying the course by itself. The course jumps you immediately into execution of strategic marketing strategies.

If you do not already have some basics defined of what you want to sell or promote and who you want to promote to, you may be a little lost in this training.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend either:

  1. Buying the Conversions Expert Bundle for $1,797
  2. Or joining this training community for $359.


Who is it for?

The Imperfect Website training course and skill sets are targeted to people in the creative and marketing fields and business owners.

This course targets:

  • Entrepreneurs – A self improvement seeker looking to learn more skills
  • Web Designers – A website designer and a visual creators
  • Web Developers – A website developer and technical creators
  • Marketers – A marketer and lead generator creators

Target skill levels are:

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


Not Recommended For Beginners

The Website Imperfect course by itself, is not recommended for beginners.

All sections of the training are great for anyone who wants to learns strategic marketing techniques. However, there are simple preliminary marketing steps not covered in the course.

If you do not already understand how to define an offer, define who to offer it to or how to craft different messages that speak to your targeted audience, then you may not understand how Jess gets to the actionable steps.

If you need beginning training with a very supportitive community, I highly recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate

For one third of the cost$359, you can buy 12 months access to:

  • 1000+ hours of training videos on practically any digital marketing topic you can think of
  • 1000+ custom training guides and tutorials
  • 1.4 MILLION other digital marketers and entrepreneurs
  • Website hosting for 25 websites built on WordPress and website builder tools

The Imperfect Website course is just training. It does not come with WordPress website hosting or website builder tools.

Is it worth the buy?

Yes. In my opinion, The Imperfect Website training course is worth the buy for $237. That is what I paid for the course. And it is worth every penny.

Jess is very transparent of exactly how she builds out her campaigns.

She shows her creative ways on how she constantly measures performances. She also shows you every tool she uses to create her campaigns including WordPress, Canva, Facebook Ads and MouseFlow.

I have learned things I didn’t know when it comes to testing content and ads. I have learned things I didn’t know about how to setup Facebook Ads.

I had no idea that specific tools existed that could divide traffic to different content versions for A/B Testing.

And the process of creating success ads can seem overwhelming but Jess does a fantastic job of simplifying the process.

Would I buy the course for $1,200? Probably, eventually. The latest cost puts this training at the high end of my budget. I would take longer to purchase the course for this amount.

Outside of training, you will have additional costs for website hosting, website domain names, and other marketing tools needed such as email marketing, analytics and content marketing testing software.

But you always should have money to spend on training. You need to stay up to date with the latest trends of what is working today. As technology advances, so does how you use it.

So you should absolutely spend money on continous education if you want to be a successful digital marketer. And you should absolutely buy this training at the current price. This course may even cost more in the future.

If you need a cheaper option and want to have included website hosting and website builder tools, then come join me here.


How do you sign up?

If you are targeted with a Facebook ad, you will be funneled through a marketing campaign funnel designed by Jess.

If you poke around on her On The Grid website, you will find all of the different products Jess has to offer.

Here are 3 steps I recommend taking to decide if The Imperfect Website course or the Conversion Expert Bundle is right for you.

Step 1. Read The Definitive Guide

First, read The Definitive Guide To A Website That Works. You can either read the guide for free from the website or download the guide for a PDF version.

The Definitive Guide By On The Grid

This guide is a 4-part series in explaning why the techniques she uses are important techniques that have provided her results.

Jess goes into depth and gives you a glimpse of what you will learn in The Imperfect Website Course.

You can even download the guide in PDF form in exchange for your email.

Step 2. Attend Free Online Webinar

Second, sign up for the: 4 Best Practices To Unleash Your Website’s Potential – Free Online Webinar.

4 Best Practices To Unleash Your Website's Potential Webinar By On the Grid

This webinar will give you a peek of what the Imperfect Website course will teach you. Jess will share some of her tips and tricks that you will learn in more detail in the course.

The webinar does not cost anything and only requires about 1 hour of your time. It is a good hour to spend to confirm if this course is something you want to buy.

Watch this video explaining what you will learn in the webinar.

Step 3. Decide What You Need To Succeed

Third, determine what your skill level is and what you need to succeed.

If you are a beginner, you would likely do better if you buy the Conversion Expert Bundle which comes with consultation from Jess. Afterall, if you spend the money, you should get results.

If you have some basic understanding of web design and marketing, you can likely get away with The Imperfect Website course alone and just do it yourself. You need to purchase the course directly from onthegridnow.teachable.com, and not from the onthegridnow.com.

If you are looking for alternative training options, see the next section below.


Alternative Training Options?

Do you have any other options for training? Can you learn these skills for less money? Yes.

Remember I did purchase The Imperfect Website course. I also am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, where I am learning new things from other people everyday.

Wealthy Affiliate Training is Alternative to The Imperfect Website

You can learn about all of these types of marketing strategies and more. For one third of the cost of The Imperfect Website course.

And you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free, no credit card required.

You can always start with Wealthy Affiliate and then decide to purchase Jess’ course too.

Start this Online Certification Course Today!