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Will Google Search become the next free online life coach? A life coach is a person who helps people solve their problems and reach the happiness in life they desire. Google Search is a free online search engine that connects people with 1 TRILLION pages of information on any life topic you can think of.

Ask Life Questions on Google Search

For years, people have used the services of a life coach to help them reach their goals. To help them take their own lives to the next level. To help them solve life problems.

With the birth of the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989, the web has changed the way we connect and get information today. And these changes continue to rise.

Rise of Personal Google Searches Results from Think with Google

Source: ThinkWithGoogle.com

Think with Google just released a new report called The Rise of Personal Searches. The report by says the way people are searching is shifting. People are searching for more personal topics and asking more questions to solve their own personal problems.

The searches are asking personal questions like what car should i buy and how much do I need to retire? These searches are using personal words like me, my, and I.

What is even more interesting is these searches are happening on mobile devices. This is no surprise to me.

Mobile enables real-time access and results where ever the searcher more be. The use of mobile has continued to rise as well.


The Way People are Searching is Shifting

In the past two years, there has been a 60% growth in mobile searches for “__ for me”and 80% growth in mobile searches for “__ should I __”. Basically, people are searching for help for answers to their personal life, from their mobile phones. The information they get is online, relevant and completely free.

The Way People are Searching is Shifting by Think with Google

Source: ThinkwithGoogle.com

So let’s ask the question again.

A Free Online Life Coach or Google?

Woman Talking to Free Online Life Coach

Let’s look at the numbers.

According to Google, people are searching for life’s small questions:

  • How much is my car worth? = 8,732 Google searches a month
  • How often should I wash my hair? = 275 searches a month
  • What should I eat for dinner? = 577 searches a month
  • Where can I get a loan? = 377 searches a month

All search numbers are approximate and are subject to change each month.

According Susie Moore, a Life Coach will help you ask the big questions:

  • How happy am I?
  • What type of life do I want to lead?
  • What does success look like to me?
  • What can I do to bring more purpose to my life?

Notice the similarity in the questions. They all reference a person by containing me, my or I.

So are people searching Google for these BIG questions?


  • How happy am I = 144 Google searches per month
  • Kind life do i want = 72 searches per month
  • What does success look like = 270 searches per month
  • How do I find the purpose of my life =32 searches per month

All search numbers are approximate and are subject to change each month.

I mean, you could find a free online life coach. But what life coach will be forever free? Not likely to happen. I mean who can really live completely for free.

And you could pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for a paid life coach. But why do that when you can just ask Google?


How Does This Apply to Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is what you do when have a business. You use digital marketing types and methods to promote a product or service.

Consumers use Google Search to ask life questions and find solutions to their problems. Whatever you have to sell, it is likely a solution to some sort of problem. It is also likely that people have searched online for solutions to the problem they are trying to solve.

You can build marketing campaigns around searches that relate to your businesses.

If you are car dealer, you can create content to answer people’s questions about how much their car is worth. You can promote ways for them to find out using your knowledge, and maybe even coming into the dealership.

If you are finance advisor, you can create content to help people understand how much they need for retirement. You can add this content to your website to target people’s searches. You can also share this content on social media to help more people.

So now that you know why this information is important, let’s take a look at the list.


300 Personal Questions and Searches

Here are all of the personal searches from the report.

The top searches are listed within these three categories:

  1. Solving a problem
  2. Getting things done
  3. Exploring around me

How To Solve a Real Life Problem

The first category of search results is getting help with solving a real life problem. The results are categorized within specific industries for automotive, health, beauty, finance, and pet care.

Think with Google Searches for Solving Real Life Problems Searches in 5 main categories: Auto, Health, Beauty, Finance, and Pet Care

Source: ThinkwithGoogle.com

Here are the top 100 mobile search results for solving a problem:


  1. How much is my car worth
  2. Sell my car
  3. Find my car
  4. How much car can I afford
  5. My car won’t start
  6. Sell my junk car
  7. Locked my keys in my car
  8. What car should I buy
  9. Where is my car
  10. Advertise on my car
  11. Why is my car overheating
  12. Why is my car shaking
  13. Why won’t my car start
  14. How often should I change my oil
  15. Why is my check engine light on
  16. What oil does my car take
  17. Lost the title to my car how do I get a new one
  18. Why is my brake light on
  19. How long do I have to change my mind after buying a car
  20. What tires fit my car


  1. Why is my hair falling out
  2. How often should I wash my hair
  3. What is my face shape
  4. Should I get bangs
  5. Should I cut my hair
  6. What haircut should I get
  7. What would I look like with blonde hair
  8. What would I look like with bangs
  9. Why does my hair hurt
  10. Why do I have dandruff
  11. Why is my hair thinning
  12. Dying my hair
  13. How to make my hair grow
  14. Why is my skin so dry
  15. What unnatural color should I dye my hair
  16. How often should I wash my face
  17. How often should I condition my hair
  18. Why does my makeup look dry
  19. What hair color looks good on me
  20. What can I use instead of shaving cream


  1. Check my credit score
  2. My credit score
  3. Where can I cash a personal check
  4. Where can I cash a check
  5. Freeze my credit
  6. I need a loan
  7. How many credit cards should I have
  8. How much do I need to retire
  9. How to fix my credit
  10. Fix my credit
  11. I need money now for free and fast
  12. How much money do I need to retire
  13. How to check my credit score
  14. What is my credit score
  15. Where can I get a loan
  16. How do I freeze my credit
  17. My card statement
  18. Check my credit score for free
  19. Can I open a bank account online
  20. Why is my credit card declined when I have money


  1. How far did I run
  2. Track my run
  3. What time should I wake up
  4. What should my resting heart rate be
  5. What should my heart rate be
  6. What should my macros be
  7. How many steps should I take a day
  8. Track my walk
  9. How far did I walk
  10. How many miles should I walk a day
  11. Map my run Google
  12. How much creatine should I take
  13. How often should I work out
  14. Should I take creatine
  15. When should I take creatine
  16. How many pushups should I do
  17. How many pushups should I be able to do
  18. Track my steps
  19. How much should I be able to bench
  20. How many times a week should I workout

Pet Care

  1. What can I give my dog for pain
  2. Why is my dog shaking
  3. Why does my dog lick me
  4. What breed is my dog
  5. My dog wont eat
  6. How old is my dog
  7. What kind of dog should I get
  8. Why is my dog eating grass
  9. What dog should I get
  10. How much should I feed my dog
  11. My dog ate chocolate
  12. Why does my cat bite me
  13. Why is my dog throwing up
  14. What kind of dog do I have
  15. What kind of cat do I have
  16. How to make my dog a service dog
  17. Why does my dog stare at me
  18. Can I give my dog ibuprofen
  19. My dog ate a grape
  20. My cat won’t stop meowing


How to Get Life Things Done

The second category is getting help with getting things done in life. The results are categorized within specific industries for apps, communication, education, phone functionality, shopping and grocery.

Think With Google Searches For Getting Life Done in 5 main categories: Apps, Communication, Education, Phone Functionality, Shopping and Grocery.

Source: ThinkwithGoogle.com

Here are the top 100 mobile search results for getting things done:


  1. My apps
  2. Updates for my apps
  3. My apps that need to be updated
  4. Read my last text message
  5. Update my apps
  6. Updates for my apps in my phone
  7. My apps list installed
  8. My apps and games
  9. Remind me app
  10. Find my car app
  11. Who’s calling me app
  12. Take me to the app store
  13. Installed apps on my phone
  14. My weather app
  15. Show me my apps
  16. My downloaded apps
  17. All my apps
  18. Go to my apps
  19. My installed apps
  20. Lock my app


  1. My emails
  2. Text me
  3. Call me
  4. Call my voicemail
  5. Call my baby
  6. My gmail
  7. My contacts
  8. Read my text
  9. My voicemail
  10. Show me my reminders
  11. Text me now
  12. Who called me
  13. Call my husband
  14. Text my wife
  15. Read my text messages
  16. My home
  17. Call my phone
  18. Call my dad
  19. Text my love
  20. Read my last text message


  1. Where’s my school bus
  2. Calculate my grade
  3. Calculate my GPA
  4. My learning plan
  5. My science project
  6. Teach me
  7. Teach me Spanish
  8. What’s my GPA
  9. My homework
  10. My yearbook
  11. Do I have school tomorrow
  12. My school
  13. Do my homework
  14. What language should I learn
  15. What grade do I need
  16. What is my school district
  17. Show me a multiplication chart
  18. Help me with my math homework
  19. Find a tutor for my child
  20. School app check my grades

Phone Functionality

  1. Set up my device
  2. Turn on my flashlight
  3. Unlock my phone
  4. Root my phone
  5. My music
  6. Where is my phone
  7. My phone number
  8. Ok Google set up my device
  9. Updates for my phone
  10. Turn off my flashlight
  11. My settings
  12. Lock my phone
  13. Record my screen
  14. My calculator
  15. My updates
  16. Open my phone
  17. Speed up my phone
  18. Turn on my hotspot
  19. Brighten my screen
  20. Cast my screen

Shopping and Grocery

  1. What should I eat for dinner
  2. What do I want for dinner
  3. Show me my shopping list
  4. What should I eat for lunch
  5. What can I make with chicken breast
  6. What can I make with these ingredients
  7. What should I eat for breakfast
  8. My shopping list
  9. Add to my shopping list
  10. Open my shopping list
  11. What’s on my shopping list
  12. Add milk to my shopping list
  13. Make a list for me
  14. Deliver food to me
  15. My grocery deals
  16. I need to make a grocery list
  17. Show me recipes
  18. Where is my shopping list
  19. Deliver groceries to me
  20. Add up my grocery total as I shop


How Find Things Around Me

The third category is finding things around or near you. The results are categorized within specific industries for auto, beauty, fashion, home and furniture, and tourism and travel.

Think with Google Searches for Finding Things Around Me in 5 main categories: Auto, Beauty, Fashion, Home and Furniture, and Tourism and Travel

Source: ThinkwithGoogle.com

Here are the top 100 mobile search results for exploring around me:


  1. Car wash near me
  2. DMV near me
  3. Oil change near me
  4. Tire shop near me
  5. Auto parts near me
  6. Used tires near me
  7. Car dealerships near me
  8. Junkyards near me
  9. Auto parts store near my location
  10. Car wash near my location
  11. Tires near my location
  12. Where can I get my oil changed
  13. Used cars in my area
  14. Take me to the DMV
  15. Car wash near my current location
  16. Where can I get a lift kit installed on my truck
  17. Where can I buy a spare tire
  18. Where do I register my car


  1. Hair salons near me
  2. Barber shop near me
  3. Haircut near me
  4. Beauty supply near me
  5. Hair stores near me
  6. Eyebrow waxing near me
  7. Hair braiding near me
  8. Microblading eyebrows near me
  9. Dominican hair salon near me
  10. Black barber shop near me
  11. Kids haircuts near me
  12. Where can I buy castor oil
  13. Where can I buy tea tree oil
  14. Haircuts near my location
  15. Barber shop near my location
  16. Hair salons around me
  17. Where can I get my makeup done
  18. Barber shops close to me
  19. Where can I get my eyebrows tinted
  20. Where can I buy a henna kit


  1. Clothing stores near me
  2. Boutiques near me
  3. Dress shops near me
  4. Embroidery near me
  5. Homecoming dresses near me
  6. Men’s clothing near me
  7. Plus size stores near me
  8. Vintage clothing stores near me
  9. Cheap clothing stores near me
  10. Where can I buy cheap name brand clothes online
  11. Where can I buy mom jeans
  12. Where can I buy a dashiki
  13. Where can I buy a petticoat
  14. Where can I get something embroidered near me
  15. Where can I get a dress made custom
  16. Tailor around me
  17. Where can I get pants hemmed
  18. Where can I buy leggings
  19. Where can I get overalls

Home and Furniture

  1. Furniture stores near me
  2. Houses for rent near me
  3. Pest control near me
  4. Movers near me
  5. Appliance parts near me
  6. Realtors near me
  7. Paint store near me
  8. Crime in my area
  9. Houses for sale around me
  10. Hardware store close to me
  11. How close am I to home
  12. Where should I move to
  13. Houses sold in my area
  14. I want to move to Canada where do I start
  15. Open houses in my area
  16. Handyman in my area
  17. Furniture around me
  18. Where is my property line
  19. Where can I buy milk paint
  20. Where is my furnace

Tourism and Travel

  1. Hotels near me
  2. Bars near me
  3. Things to do near me
  4. Motels near me
  5. My location
  6. Cheap hotels near me
  7. Taxi near me
  8. Attractions near me
  9. Car rental near me
  10. Breweries near me
  11. Wings near me
  12. Fun things to do near me
  13. Where am I now
  14. Things to do around my location
  15. Hotels near my location
  16. Where do I live
  17. My location history
  18. Nearest metro station to me
  19. Temperature at my location
  20. Directions from my location to
The report provides statistics for indexed search volume from January – September 2017, from mobile devices.


How has Google coached you today?

These are very interesting search result trends for personal topics from mobile devices. I know I search google 10 – 20 times a day. I hadn’t realized that I used Google for some of these searches too.

Perhaps you still may need or want a life coach. Google offers you a free online life coach alternative through searches. And apparently people are using Google Search for such insights and help.

I hope you found this report insightful. View the original report here: The Rise of Personal Searches.

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