Kim Wolfe is artistic, creative and a internet junkie

Howdy, I am Kim Wolfe! Your Digital Marketing Informant!

Kim Wolfe is a digital marketing and business development professional, and has been in the marketing industry for 20 years now.

For the last 12 years, Kim has been heavily focused in digital marketing and social media marketing for small businesses and enterprise companies.

Kim was trained to be a graphic designer. Over my career, she has been a graphic designer, printing sales rep, retail store manager, website developer, logo designer, internet marketing specialist, and a product manager.

Kim Wolfe currently works as a full-time product manager helping enterprise companies leverage marketing software for all of their digital marketing needs.

On the side, she helps small companies (usually her friends!) with business development needs, websites, business cards, digital marketing strategies and whatever help they need.

Kim Wolfe is a creative mac junkie

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But Kim Wolfe is not Famous

Well, I am just Kim Wolfe. I am certainly not famous…


So I’m not a person you would likely know.

I prefer to stay humble yet confident in my knowledge of marketing and creativity. After all, I have been in the marketing industry for my half of my life now. And I do not consider myself that old!


How My Journey Began

Kim Wolfe was born into a creative, artistic and intelligent family. From accountants, book keepers and engineers to dress makers, purse makers and doodlers, Kim was pre-destined to be a creative person.

She was also pre-destined to be a computer junkie. In the 1980’s, my book keeper grandmother bought the first Macintosh Apple personal computer. She also had an IBM personal computer with two floppy disk drives. One drive ran the software, the other drive stored your information.

So all Kim remembers is being completely fascinated with the two different computers on one desk. They looked and operated very differently. Kim would alternate the games she played each computer.

And Kim has been on Mac computers ever since! Go figure.

How Kim Wolfe Learned Computers 1984 Apple Macintosh and IBM Personal Computers

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Drawing at 9 Years Old

Kim Wolfe started drawing when I was nine years old. My parents bought her a drawing table that she still own today. She drew characters from morning cartoon shows and Nintendo gaming magazines.

She still have some of these drawings, BTW!

Kim just kept drawing from there. This led her down the road of an artistic life full of art classes, paint brushes and creative synergies. She graduated college with BA in Fine Arts, with a concentration in graphic design.

A doodle drawing with pen and ink

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Now Kim is an #InternetJunkie

These days, Kim is a total internet junkie. She loves the internet. She love the power of the knowledge found by searching online.

She loves how the internet helps anyone learn anything they want to know more about. Everything from keeping up with the fast paced digital marketing world to practicing digital marketing strategies through affiliate marketing.

Afterall, we are talking about the “information highway”.

Kim is completely fascinated with how the internet has changed the way we connect, learn, and grow.

Kim Wolfe is a Internet Junkie on the computer all the time

So she hope to share some of my internet and digital marketing knowledge with you.

Everything from understanding the digital marketing technology to digital marketing strategies.


Let’s Connect

I would love to connect with you.

If you have any questions or topics you would like to learn more about, simply comment below.

I am happy to help.

Thanks for reading my story.

I hope you will learn something useful while you are here 🙂

Kim Wolfe

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